Explore Our Memberships

Our membership options cater to diverse preferences and offer exclusive benefits tailored to enhance your golfing experience. Choose from a range of membership categories designed to suit individuals, families, young adults, and non-residents.

Join our golfing community and elevate your experience on the greens. For inquiries or to sign up, please contact us.

Membership Fees

Membership Type Price
Resident Member Dues (Family) $1400.00
Incentive Member (31 yrs + older) $1000.00 (first year)
Single Member $1125.00
Single Member Incentive $900.00 (first year)
Young Adult Dues $875.00
Incentive Member (Age 20 to 30) $675.00 (first year)
Non-Resident Dues $975.00
Junior Member Dues (Under Age 19) $225.00
Early Fall Member 8/1 $375.00
Late Fall Member 9/1 $275.00
Range Membership $150.00
Range Membership (Non-member) $250.00
Non-Resident Assessment None
Handicap Card $40.00 per individual
Credit-Sponsoring (31 yrs. + older) $100.00
Credit-Sponsoring (30 yrs. + younger) $100.00
Private Cart Trail Fee $650.00
Private Cart Storage Fee $300.00
1 Year Tee Marker Ad $100.00
Tee Marker Plaque $70.00