Our annual memberships are crafted to provide you with unlimited access to our beautiful and challenging 18-hole course. Choose the membership that best aligns with your golfing lifestyle.

Annual Memberships Walking: $1,700

For those who enjoy the tradition of walking the course, this membership is ideal. This membership is perfect for:

Annual Membership with Cart: $2,100

This all-inclusive membership is designed for convenience and ease, providing you with access to a golf cart for all your rounds. Ideal for those looking for a hassle-free golf experience.

Key benefits include:

Effortless Rounds: Save your energy for your swings with access to a cart, making your rounds less physically demanding.

Convenience: Always have a cart ready for you, making it easier to plan your visits and manage your time on the course.

Unlimited Play – Maximize Your Golf Experience

With each of our memberships, you enjoy the liberty of unlimited play. This means you can access the course any day during operating hours, ensuring that you have ample opportunity to practice your game and lower your scores. Members benefit from:

Flexibility: Play as much as you want, whenever you want. No need to worry about additional fees per round.

Skill Enhancement: Frequent play is key to improving your game, and unlimited access means you can practice as often as you need.

Punch Cards (20 Plays with Cart)

Regular Price: $500

Sale (March, June & September): $440


Rider Fee: $10

Extra Cart Fee: $15

What Are Punch Cards?

Punch cards serve as prepaid vouchers that you can use to access the golf course a specific number of times. This system is perfect for golfers who may not play enough to justify the cost of a full membership but still want to benefit from lower per-round costs compared to standard green fees.

Benefits of Punch Cards


  • Save on Each Round: Purchasing a punch card reduces the cost per round, especially during sale periods. For example, with our sale price, each round costs just $22, compared to the regular $25 per round with the regular price of our punch cards, providing significant savings. The discounted Punch Card is available March, June & September only.


  • Play on Your Terms: Use your punches whenever it suits you within the validity period. There’s no need to book all your rounds in advance, giving you the flexibility to choose the best times to play based on your schedule.

Additional Perks

  • Bring Guests: The rider fee allows you to bring a companion who can ride along with you for just $10, enhancing your golfing experience with friends or family.
  • Extra Cart: If an additional cart is needed, it’s available for a modest fee of $15, ensuring comfort for all players.

Ideal for Casual or Seasonal Golfers

Punch cards are particularly appealing to casual or seasonal golfers who might not play frequently enough to benefit from full membership but still appreciate having access to a high-quality course with predictable costs. It’s also a great option for those who travel or live part-time in the area.

By choosing a punch card at Quailwood Greens Golf Course, you gain the freedom to enjoy golf on a beautiful course with all the benefits of structured pricing and the convenience of a cart included, making each visit hassle-free and enjoyable. 

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